Glass-reinforced plastic

Glass-reinforced plastic is a composite structure made of resins and fibres, used for the manufacture of durable products for industrial applications that require high corrosion resistance.


  • excellent corrosion resistance
  • good strength properties that can be optimised by orienting the reinforcing elements in accordance with stress
  • high thermal resistance when compared with thermoplastic:
    • Liquids ...+125°C 
    • Gases ...+180°C
  • low thermal conductivity
  • insulating capacity 200 times better than that of steel
  • a low thermal expansion coefficient
  • lightness of material
  • a favourable strength-to-weight ratio
  • easy mouldability
  • can be coloured in manufacture
  • good wear resistance
  • can be combined with a variety of materials: for example, the low strength properties of thermoplastic can be substantially improved